The types of readiness

In ITIL4 the Service Value Chain (SVC) can be useful to identify the types of readiness to be assessed in a service relationship. Let us explore some types of readiness:



  • In the Engage activity: the readiness to offer has a direct impact on the ability of the service provider to address the demand for a service.


  • In the Plan activity: the readiness to fund has a direct impact on the outputs that can be provided to address the demand.


  • In the Design and Transition activity: the readiness to build describes the resources that can be allocated to address the demand but also the readiness of the customer and users to use standard or advanced services.


  • In the Obtain/Build activity: the readiness to validate describes the availability of the users to validate the service newly built or modified.


  • In the Deliver and support activity: the readiness to use can be measured by the real service usage.


  • In the Improve activity: the readiness of users to provide feedback is a success factor for service improvement.


Disclaimer: the content of this post is an example of adopting and adapting ITIL4 based on my knowledge and experience as an ITIL certified Master and co-author of an ITIL4 publication.

The types of readiness in ITIL4 SVC

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