Useful practices for value realization

In ITIL4 the Service Value System (SVS) is used to enable value co-creation by addressing any opportunity or demand of service stakeholders.


Some practices are useful to co-create value. Let us explore them:


  • Strategy management: this practice helps analyzing how the service consumption is aligned with the business strategy,


  • Business analysis: this practice gathers helps identifying the patterns of business activities explaining when the service consumption occurs.


  • Service level management: this practice can be used to review the service usage with the customers.


  • Capacity and performance management: this practice is used for service metering.


  • Monitoring and event management: this practice is helpful to identify the peaks of use of the services.


  • Infrastructure and management: this practice helps optimizing the infrastructure to deliver services.


Some ITIL4 practices can be very useful to manage the value co-created as an outcome of the SVS.


Disclaimer: the content of this post is an example of adopting and adapting ITIL4 based on my knowledge and experience as an ITIL certified Master and co-author of an ITIL4 publication.

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