Service portfolio, service catalogue, service offering: what are the differences?

Service portfolio, catalogue and offering in ITIL4


ITIL4 defines highly related concepts that describe what the service provider can deliver: the service portfolio, the service catalogue and the service offering. Let’s explore these concepts:



  • Service portfolio: it focuses on the resources used to deliver services. This portfolio is ones of the 3 portfolios defined in the portfolio management practice. The service portfolio aims to take decisions on investments on the services that are or will be provided. The service portfolio does not aim to be visible to the service consumer.


  • Service catalogue: it includes all the service offerings of the service provider and is focused on the outcomes of the services. It aims at supporting discussions with the service sponsors.


  • Service offering: it focuses on services for a specific customer or group of customers and describes the service outputs for the users. It aims at supporting discussions with the service customers and users.



Another differentiator between the service catalogue and service offering may be the level of standardization. A service catalogue implicitly means that services are standardized whereas service offerings include bespoke services.

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