The “ergence” approach

The “ergence” approach

Many patterns, behaviors, issues, solutions are emerging from the service management ecosystem in a VUCA environment. A general approach can be used to manage them. This is what I call the “ergence” approach. This approach consists in 4 steps: emerge, diverge, converge, and merge. Let’s explore them:

·     Emerge: in any phase of the service lifecycle this step provides the condition for emergent patterns, behaviors, issues, and solutions. For instance, the retrospectives are conducted after each service release to encourage the emergence of continual improvement.

·     Diverge: this step encourages the analysis from different (and often divergent) perspective. For instance, the swarming technique can be used for this step.

·     Converge: this step encourages the selection of a course of actions resulting from a consensus. For example, the effort estimates to solve an issue or develop product features. As converge happens after diverging some other options are still available in case the consensual option reveals to be inappropriate.

·     Merge: this step ensures that the option is sustainably merged into the organization.

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