The bricks of misunderstanding in service management

The “Wall of Confusion” is a DevOps term that refers to the phenomena where one group in a value stream approaches their job as complete when they’ve passed it onto the next group. In fact, this wall of confusion is built on bricks of misunderstanding.


Let us explore some of these bricks:


The customer view and the view of IT operations on Agile where the customer associates Agile to “no formalization”, “Maximum Viable Product”, “ever changing requirements” whereas IT Operations associates Agile to “Direct access to customers”, “increasing number of incidents and RfCs”.


The MoSCoW technique for prioritizing requirements: the “Should have” and “Could have” is often replaced by “Nice to have” which is understood as “Must have” by the customer and as “Won’t hove” by the provider.


The PMO function is often associated to the project support role.


The IT Asset Management is often reduced to Configuration Management.


These bricks of misunderstanding build walls of confusion among teams and within teams.

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