The common source of mental heath issues

People like Daniel Breston makes us aware of the mental health issues that many of the ITSM practitioners suffer directly or indirectly.

There are many sources of mental health issues and we propose to structure some of them using the ITIL4 Service Value Chain (SVC) activities:

  • Engage: in this activity the expectations of the service customers may be unrealistic and their feasibility is not always checked with the relevant departments of the service provider. This leads to frustration for people of these departments.
  • Plan: in this activity the available capacity of workforce is not always checked to create estimates and plans. Therefore, the workforce members become stressed.
  • Design and transition: in this activity the time-to-market pressure has a direct impact on the anxiety of the project team members.
  • Obtain/build: in this activity the pressure to acquire or develop service components increases stress to procurement or development team members.
  • Deliver and support: in this activity the service desk agents are in constant pressure to meet productivity targets related to user support.
  • Improve: this activity mainly focuses on improving services whereas many ITSM practitioners would need improvements that increase their satisfaction at work.

Disclaimer: the content of this post is an example of adopting and adapting ITIL4 based on my knowledge and experience as an ITIL certified Master and co-author of an ITIL4 publication.

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