AIBIZ: Artificial Intelligence

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Despite its promises, AI can seem like a daunting concept for business professionals. How can you hope to apply AI to your own business if you can’t see beyond the vague buzzwords and hype? That’s why this course was created: to give you the essential knowledge of AI you’ll need to steer the business forward.


This course is primarily designed for managers, business leaders, and other decision makers who are interested in growing the business by leveraging the power of AI. Other individuals who wish to explore basic AI concepts are also candidates for this course.

To ensure your success in this course, you should have foundational knowledge of business processes and general concepts. You should also have at least a basic understanding of information technology resources and systems, including networks, computers, and other electronic devices used in the enterprise.

The AIBIZ exam characteristics are the following:

Exam type: multiple choice questions.
Number of questions: 10 (1 mark per question).
Provisional pass mark: 8 (80%).
Exam duration: 15-30 minutes (on average).

Course agenda

Lesson 1: AI Fundamentals
Topic A: AI Concepts
Topic B: Approaches to Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Lesson 2: AI Implementations
Topic A: Data Science
Topic B: Search Engines

Lesson 2: AI Implementations (cont.)
Topic C: Natural Language Processing
Topic D: Computer Vision
Topic E: Robotics

Lesson 3: The Impact of AI
Topic A: Benefits of AI
Topic B: Challenges of AI
Topic C: Business Use Cases for AI