The 4 phases of value co-creation

In a brilliant article on value orchestration platform ( the authors describe important concepts related to value co-creation. Let us explore them and relate them to the ITIL4 Service Value System (SVS):


There are 4 dimensions of value:

  • The economic value (e.g. focus on price)
  • The functional value (e.g. focus on solutions)
  • The emotional value (e.g. focus on experience)
  • The symbolic value (e.g. focus on meanings)


The emotional and symbolic value are the main drivers for customer’s decision-making whereas economic and functional value are used for argumentation.


Any value co-creation process should address these 4 dimensions of value starting with 4 main phases in this sequential order:

  1. Co-experience of service: to build a mutual understanding of the service between the service provider and consumer.
  2. Co-definition of value: based on a shared internal model of preferences, capabilities, and expectations.
  3. Co-development of value: using the practices and focused on innovation.
  4. Co-elevation of the value: based on continual improvement.


The key message is that the value co-creation process is driven by co-experience of service that includes the 4 dimensions of value (economic, functional, emotional, and symbolic).


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