We deliver consulting services in service management, project management and agile. We created a unique periodic table of ITSM processes that can be used to improve your service management capabilities.


We deliver shared service centre outsourcing services including call centre, help desk and service desk. Our value proposition is to combine the talents of our service desk agents in Central Europe with a local care of our customers at their premises.


We conduct assessments of your service management capabilities, processes or operating model to find out improvement opportunities or keep your organization compliant with international standards.


In collaboration with our partner NH Prague we are proud to deliver the best-in-class online and onsite training in service management, project management, agile and cyber security.


We are on market since 1992. Our mission statement is to provide worldwide high quality management training/consultancy & related outsourcing services with a focus on service and deliver excellence.


We Provide Online Courses Worldwide

More than 30 years of experience

Our Customers Belong to FORBES 500 Companies

We Teach From Practice

Ing. David Maurice Jean Billouz, MBA

David is an ITIL Master. He is the co-author of an ITIL4 publication.
He is the head of the assessments and training services.
He speaks fluently French, English and Czech and is a world citizen with a human centric approach to IT.

Thomas Fuchs-Lender

Thomas is a senior manager and consultant specialized in mergers and acquisitions with a huge IT background. He delivers consultancy and precious advise on Organisation Change Management and Digital Transformation.

Some of our blogs:

The positioning of ITSm value streams

When a demand related to a product or a service is identified a legitimate question is whether it has to be handled by an ITSM capability or by an ITSM value stream. Let us explore the positioning of ITSM value streams in an organization. Some of the criteria to decide

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Useful practices to identify unused resources.

In ITIL4 some practices are useful to identify unused resources to manage and deliver services. Let us explore these practices: IT Asset Management: the software asset management enables discovering the unused licenses. Service configuration management: this practice enables identifying the status of Cis to discover those that are unused. Monitoring

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The compasses of service management

The compasses of service management. ITIL4 practice guides contain processes with useful inputs and outputs that can help an organization not losing the north. Let us explore these compasses: Business case: the business case ensures that a project or any improvement opportunity is and remains desirable, viable and feasible. Service

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The bricks of misunderstanding in service management

The “Wall of Confusion” is a DevOps term that refers to the phenomena where one group in a value stream approaches their job as complete when they’ve passed it onto the next group. In fact, this wall of confusion is built on bricks of misunderstanding. Let us explore some of these

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The common source of mental heath issues

People like Daniel Breston makes us aware of the mental health issues that many of the ITSM practitioners suffer directly or indirectly. There are many sources of mental health issues and we propose to structure some of them using the ITIL4 Service Value Chain (SVC) activities: Engage: in this activity

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